Last week we had Grant and Maria’s 2nd birthday photo shoot. The fact that their 2nd birthday is just around the corner is something that I find bittersweet. Everyone always says to enjoy it; it goes so fast, but you cannot appreciate that until you look up and realize just how fast it does go.

I was well prepared for our session. I had carefully selected two outfits; one was a handmade coordinating set about which I was rather excited. Grant’s shirt had an appliqué necktie that matched Maria’s dress. Even though I tried to get Maria pumped about this outfit, she protested greatly, but I eventually got her to chill enough to allow me to put on her shoes and put a non-Hello Kitty bow in her hair. We arrived at the Louisville Seminary grounds for our session and let the kids get down and run around, so they could be comfortable. This was a non-issue for Grant, but as soon as Maria saw Katie, our photographer, she glued herself to me. At one point in time, I completely let go of her and she didn’t fall a millimeter. Instead, she had her arms and legs wrapped around my body and head buried in my neck. Katie focused on Grant for a few minutes, and then we tried to get Maria to relax. Katie got a few frames on her on my lap and I finally asked if she would like to put on her other dress. “Yeah,” she replied pitifully. Seriously? She’s not even two yet! So we changed wardrobes – Maria in a pink dress and Grant in a polo. Now she was starting to relax. I got her out of my lap when I asked if she wanted to go find some swings. “They must be over here, Maria!” Off she went.

My trickery worked and she relaxed and enjoyed walking around. Grant got excited when we found some sticks and soon they were both happily swinging sticks as the three adults ducked. The next challenge was to get both looking at the camera at the same time without one of them fussing. This is when fast shutter speeds and patience come in extremely handy. Thankfully, we managed. It was a lot easier last year when they weren’t walking yet and we could just plop them on the ground!

Even though we had a bit of a rocky start with Diva Maria, Katie captured some great shots and their personalities. Maria is an intense little thing, suspicious, quirky and silly at the same time. She makes us laugh regularly, which is helpful on the days she makes me want to cry. Grant is very laid back and loves running around and playing in the dirt. He’s pretty strong headed if we try to get him to change gears before he’s ready, but otherwise is a sweet boy checking in regularly with a hug or a kiss. Two things are certain, he’s going to be a heartbreaker and she’s most certainly not going to let anyone walk over her. I think we’ll put her in charge of screening Grant’s girlfriends!

To view the entire shoot and the outfit Maria found offensive, Click Here, password is maria. Enjoy! Thank you, Katie Woodring Photography!

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