Yesterday on the radio, I heard a story of a twin that was separated at birth that had looked for her twin for over 30 years and finally found her living a few roads away. What a joyous occasion that must have been, but it made me very sad for them both thinking of all the time together they missed.

Natalie and Julian have loved each other from the start. When they were babies they would look at each other very lovingly. Just recently, when we were all in a small bathroom because of a tornado warning, Julian was rubbing Natalie’s head telling her it was going to be ok as she said how scared she was. Later, Natalie describe that time as Julian being her super hero. A few nights ago it was storming and Natalie wanted me to hold her tight, but she also wanted her fingernails painted, so she decided that I was to get up and get the nail polish, while Julian held her tight. Julian did just that, he held her tight while I went and got the nail polish.

As we celebrate their 4th Birthday today, I do not only celebrate their lives, but their relationship with each other. They are very loving to each other and Brian and I as well. We have been so blessed these four years; words cannot describe how richly our lives have changed. One of those memories will be Natalie wanting to know if I ate her and Julian since they were in my belly. Natalie, does know me well, I do like to eat! I am just so thankful Natalie and Julian will never have to search for each other, but will have precious memories of growing up together and that Brian and I have new meaning to our lives than we did four years ago.

**Photos by Break the Mold Photo**

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