This Saturday we are going to be having a birthday party for the twins. We are all so excited about it. Our local Channel 6 News will be doing a story on Embryo Donation & Adoption in May and are coming out to get some footage of the party as well. I told the twins about the day they were born. That we were all very sick and that I did not get to hold them when they were born, that they were rushed to the NICU to receive oxygen. What a wonderful day it was, but that I was sad because I did not get to hold my precious babies! We are still making up for lost times, we all want to hold and love on each other and so enjoy our snuggle time!

Not only was the whole process of embryo adoption a blessing for me, but also their miracle birth at 30 weeks. Because they were born so early I was concerned about health issues they could have or later develop due to their premature birth. Healthy Families is a government funded program that provides first time mothers with resources. One of those resources they provide for me is a counselor who comes now once a month to check on the twins to see if they are developing normally. I am happy to report they received a score of 60 out of 60 on their test, for mental and physical development. All I can say is, God is so good. From the time of my pregnancy at 13 weeks I went into preterm labor and it was all a roller coaster ride from that point on, just not as much fun! Brian and I would have a celebration each completed week of pregnancy. We kept our focus on each day and did not let worry overtake us. I had such peace at a time of complete panic, which I account to all the prayers that were given on our behalf. I just want to say thank you to all the people who prayed for me and the twins. They do not have any health issues and are on target, if not ahead! Please remember all those who are also going through embryo donation and adoption for they need our prayers as well.

This Easter I am reminded of what Jesus did not only for me but everyone else as well. I know that I am just one of many miracle stories out there and that there are many more happening as I type this. I am praying that more people will learn about embryo adoption and make it part of their life story as well!

**Photo by Break The Mold Photo**

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