Last week Patty Cassidy, the donor mother, along with her sister and two youngest sons, met my family at Disney World! Last February we all had met for a vacation at Disney and enjoyed it so much we decided to do it again. Unfortunately, this time Patty’s husband Jim and their oldest son, Ryan, were in the Bahamas on a Boy Scout trip and were not able to join us. Patty’s sister, Cathy and her husband Scott were with us last year as well, but Scott was away on business and did not get to join in the fun either. So Brian had to bear being with the women and children all alone this trip. I have to say he never once complained about being with three beautiful women, what a smart man he is!
The first day we went to Epcot. The fast track ride was going to be closing for a few months, so we wanted to make sure we got to ride it! This was also the Bailey family’s special lunch with the Princesses and we were very excited about that! The weather was beautiful and the park was not very crowded. It was a perfect time to go. That night the hotel had dinner for us and we all went back to eat then have a dip in the pool.
When the Cassidy family and our family get together we all have so much to share it is just talking and talking nonstop. What a blessing it is to have received a whole family with embryo adoption. That is what they are to us, family. I have been asked the question “Isn’t that weird?” No, it is not weird, it is magical! I consider our families a match that only God could have put together. One could wonder who would not have fun at Disney, with absolutely anyone! I can say, that vacations can be stressful and people could want to do different things and quarrels could erupt. That did not occur in our case; our families are both very flexible and just are so thankful to have time together, whether it is by the pool, on a ride or just going for a walk. Each day we have more and more to talk about, we want to know about each other, our lives now in the past and our future goals. There were not any odd moments and I am so thankful for that. The children love each other and as the days passed it was apparent that bond is not due to the magic of Disney World, but to the magic of two families willing to set aside their own selfish desires and fears, but willing to take on the hopes and dreams of others. For our two families this is a dream come true.


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