Hollywood Studios was the park that was chosen for the second day of our time together. We were excited to see the Beauty and the Beast musical and the Little Mermaid musical show as well. Brian and Joel enjoyed some boy time together as they went and watched the Indiana Jones show and a few other rides that the rest of us were not keen on doing. Thanks to Cathy who stayed with the small kids, Joel, Patty, Brian and I got to ride the Tower of Terror.
Patty, Cathy and Patty’s boys went back to the hotel to enjoy the pool while my family and I went to the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse musical. Julian got to have his picture taken with Jake from Jake and the Neverland Pirates, as well as Handy Mandy! When the twins watch tv, they usually pick Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, but sometimes Julian gets to see Handy Mandy & Jake. Those are special treats for him, so he was so excited to see them!
We got back to the hotel for dinner and after that Patty and her sister took the kids to a campfire party, where the hotel hosted marshmallow roasting as well as a nightly movie. The twins loved it, they had never roasted marshmallows before and Natalie apparently got it all in her hair, so they also gave them a bath. They did all this for us while Brian and I went back to Hollywood Studios alone!
Brian and I got to have a date! We rode Rockin Roller Coaster, listened to a live band play, watch the Ariel musical again (Brian did not get to the first time since he was off with Joel), ride a few other rides and see Fantasmic! I later told Patty I felt very guilty watching Fantasmic without the twins. Last year in February we all went to that show together and this year I had even brought them all light up toys to enjoy with the show. I guess that is all a part of motherhood. Wanting to enjoy yourself while you are without the kids, but try not to feel guilty at the same time that you are not with them.
Brian and I are so thankful for Patty and Cathy that they let us have that time together, but I know it was also a treat for them to have time alone with the twins. I cannot imagine how much Patty must miss the twins and how she may think of her set of boy/girl twins that she herself lost when she is with them. I am so thankful for all the sacrifices Patty and her family has made on my behalf even before she met me. I am in her debt always. The love her family has shown us is beyond what I could ever imagine. Julian told me one day, “God sent me here to love you Mommy!” Wow, what powerful words, if we could just all remember that is why God sent us here, to show His love to one another. Thank you Patty and Jim for showing me and the rest of the world God’s love by donating your embryos!

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