On the third day of our trip we went to Animal Kingdom. Our family had never been to Animal Kingdom before. We enjoyed the Lion King show and several of the rides. I am glad we went to that park, but can see why we skipped it on our last trip to Disney. That night we got back early and Brian watched the kids while the women went back to Epcot to shop. The fireworks are just beautiful and Natalie told me she could see them from our hotel on the beach.
The next day we went to Magic Kingdom where we got to ride the Haunted Mansion. Natalie did not like that ride and she let us know she did not want to ride it again! Last year it scared her so bad she pooped in her pants and Patty and I were crammed in a small stall trying to clean and change her. I am happy to report this year she did not let out any bodily functions. The kids got to ride lots of rides that they wanted to ride, such as It’s a Small World, Snow White, the Carrousel, the Tea Cups and many others.
I was just hanging pictures up from our first Disney trip together and cannot get over how much the twins have grown. Their faces are no longer “baby faces.” It is hard to believe it was just a year ago. When I took them to the doctor for their four year check-up, Julian only weighed 1 lb more than Natalie and was only ¾ inches taller than her. They are both 25-50% in height and weight. I went ahead and got their Kindergarten shots and Julian did not cry at all! I was very shocked since another family told me her boys cried and cried that it was the hardest doctor appointment so far. That was not the case for Julian, but Natalie did cry, she told me later that the three shots hurt really badly. I took that opportunity to tell her about how I had two shots a day for many weeks while I was trying to get pregnant with her and while I was pregnant. She asked me why and I told her because she was wanted so badly and loved so much before I ever saw her! I thank God every day that He gave me the strength to endure and persevere because the rewards were worth it!

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