Julian wanted me to go with him to the potty, since Natalie was in one bathroom; he wanted me to walk with him to the other, before they got into the bath. I had clean clothes in my hands and was putting them away, so I told him he needed to go by himself. Soon after that an unexpected spray came from Julian. It took everything I had not to laugh, but when you are being sprayed with pee that was shooting out like water from a fire truck hose, it is a bit of a shock. Pee got all over the clean clothes I was holding as well as all of Brian’s clean dress slacks, the walls and who knows what else. That is just another day in the Bailey family; you never know what the day will bring. Why they always want me to go with them to the potty, I am not sure. But even Natalie wants me to just sit by her and tell her a story. At times I get aggravated that they will not do this alone, but I know one day I will miss this.

Other Things I will Miss as they get older:
Snuggling in bed with them in the Mornings
Holding Hands, even when they are strolling
Nightly stories
Buzzy Bee tickles
Hearing Natalie telling Brian he is the best Daddy in the world!
“Mommy, Natalie touched me!”
Natalie sucking on her G.G
Julian rubbing his Moon
Julian telling me I am his best friend, along with Natalie and Chad!

I am sure the list could go on and on. These are just a few things that I am trying to treasure while they are still young.

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