• Grant and Maria are talking up a storm; only about 50% is comprehendible. One major victory with speech was teaching the word “help”. They now say help (sounds more like “hope” from Grant) when they need help. This is a much better alternative to screaming.
• R’s and L’s are still the biggest challenges. Maria calls our dog “Chawie” and has now started saying “NO Chawie” when he gets too close to her food.
• They both like to help getting themselves dressed, and by help I mean they like to do it themselves. If you try to intervene before they ask for help, you get “No mine!” or “No me!” from them.
• They both like to climb in their booster seats and car seats. Again if you try to help we get “No mine!” or “No me!” I resisted this at first, but this skill ended up coming in very handy over the last week.
• On Friday, April 13, we put our house on the market. 8 days later we had a contract on it. I’m thankful for this because keeping a house “show ready” with two two-year olds is nearly impossible. The downside to having it sell so quick was that we had to kick it into high gear when it came to finding a new home. Long story short – this has not been easy. We have had contracts on two houses and threatened to walk from #2. I’m hoping our issues are resolved and we move forward. Living in limbo is no fun.
• I attribute living in limbo and my subsequent indulgence in bad food and caffeine to appendectomy I had last Sunday night. I have a high pain tolerance and after being doubled over for hours and knowing that the immediate care center doc was wrong – I did not have a virus – Jeremy took me to the ER instead of out to dinner as planned. 8 hours later I was home, minus an appendix. Apparently, I had an ovarian cyst explode and hemorrhage, which in turn irritated the bottom of my appendix. I would still argue that my appendix would have been fine, but I also can’t deny how much better I felt after surgery. When I fall off the wagon with food and caffeine, my ovary gets angry. Nothing like surgery to kick my butt back into gear!
• I told my surgery nurse about embryo adoption and that Grant and Maria were frozen for 7 years. I think she thinks it was the medication talking.
• I have a 15 pound lifting restriction for two weeks. Did I mention I have two two-year olds?
• After 8 days, I started lifting them up again. I feel good and am careful not to overdo it.
• Maria weaned. My belly bandages freaked her out and the milk must have tasted bad after all the meds. She doesn’t want to nurse anymore. I had to borrow my sister-in-law’s pump to get relief the 2nd day. That hurt worse than my incision. It was an abrupt end to our nursing relationship, but she seems fine. She still wants to cuddle during her normal nursing times, which is fine by me. 25 months was a good run.
• They both pull up my shirt and point to my incisions and say “uh-oh”.
• Grant peed on the potty yesterday. I’m not sure he really cared, but we still made a big deal of it. He’s more interested in sitting on the potty sans diaper than Maria is. I think we just had good timing yesterday. However, it does give me hope of a diaperless future.
• I hope life calms down soon.


  1. Just wanted to say that life will never be the same and your definition of calm will be forever changed. When you have two the smae age there is more chance for active imagination and the independence factor. Once they hit three there will be the intereting things like climbing on chairs to reach cabinets and get into whatever food they want to eat.

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