One of the challenges and sometimes fun part of having toddlers is figuring out what they are saying. Their language is progressing each day, but there are still times when I don’t have a clue on what is coming out of their mouths. Grant’s “yeah” has evolved to a Fargo “ya” and is now clearly “yes” with a bit of a smarmy French accent.
If you are around my kids and need help in interpreting their words, here’s a bit of a guide:
“I hummy” = I’m hungry
“Homey” (which is very close to “hummy”) = hold me
“Coley” = color
“Cowey” (not to be confused with “coley”= carry
“Baball” = basketball
“Peas” = please
“Dwank”(Maria) = drink
“Swank” (Grant) = drink
“Swee” = swing
“Sly” = slide
“I wan kick at Nono’s” = I want to kick (swim) at Nono’s
“Twee” = treat
“Pop pop” = popcorn
“Mo mo” = lawn mower
“Ca” = cart
“Twuck” = truck
“Ree” = rain
“Lellow” = yellow
“Powwy” = potty
“Me!” = Maria’s response when we ask her to tell us her name
“Bubble” = bubble or Bible
“Neigh!” = horse
“Awwy” = Ally or any other feline related animal
Things that you don’t need help understanding:
“Bye bye poo!” – Maria
“I can do it!” – Maria
“Thank you”
“No!” – Both, sometimes in stereo
“I’m two!” – Grant, holding up either one or four fingers.
I’m sure they’ll come up with something new by the time I get home and always love hearing an enthusiastic “HI MOMMY!” when I come through the door.

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