What a great weekend we have had. It was my birthday and we celebrated at my sister’s house and then went to the Alcoa pool. When I grew up I went to that pool almost every day. It brought back lots of wonderful memories. Julian wanted to go off the diving boards as well, but I told him we would have to ask his swim teacher before we did that. The twins are taking swim lessons and are doing great. Natalie can swim across the pool with her head above the water, which is what the teacher wants. Julian swims under the water and does not want to put the effort it will take him to swim with his head above the water. So I am hoping his desire to go off the diving board will entice him to work harder.

The other day Julian checked the weather on the phone and said, “It has three numbers! That means it is a lot, lot hot!” Yes, here in our area it has been a lot, lot hot! Patty’s sister sent a care package for the twins with books for them to do on hot days. Those days are currently here! Julian asked the other day if it was Christmas yet. Natalie also asked how many days were left before Christmas morning. We may all be wondering that due to this unusually hot weather, but the weather has nothing to do with the twins countdown.

On Friday, when we got the care package, we went out to get the ingredients in the Princess cookbook to make butterfly cupcakes. We are looking forward to making some wonderful princess desserts. So bring on the hot days, we are ready to cool off with treats and swimming!

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