This summer has been jam packed with activities. As a family we try and visit Dollywood Splash country several times a month, like we did for Father’s Day. With such warm temperatures, anywhere with water has been the place for us this summer! Vacation Bible School has also been a big part of our summer. The twins attended three different ones and wanted to know this week if we were going to another one. They enjoy going to them since they do not have preschool in the summer. They sing all the songs and really soak up God’s word as they bring it all into their daily play time. It is really such a blessing to see how they enjoy learning the word of God.

July is also a month of many birthdays and celebratory activates. Mine is the first, which is Canada day, in honor of my Canadian Mother! The fourth of July, is also a big time in my family. We got together with extended family for fireworks while swimming in the pool. Julian has decided he wants to be a “fireworks guy” when he grows up followed by a “zip line guy.” I have tried to explain to him that zip lining is not a career choice, but a hobby. Julian does not seem to care, he still considers that a great job to have when he grows up. I did tell him that when he gets old enough we will go together.

Another celebration this month is cousin Alyssa’s birthday. We were invited to a family birthday party for her as well as a kid’s party! We all had a great time eating cake, cake balls, ice cream, icee’s, and many more wonderful treats! We also got to honor, our friend, Sasha, on her birthday as well, with a fun day at Doe River Gorge.

At the end of this week we will also be celebrating and honoring the life of Brian’s grandmother, who passed away this past Sunday. She was just one day shy of her 100th birthday. I will be speaking at her funeral and have been thinking about her life and what I will say. It is a great honor for me to speak about such a fine Christian woman, but even more of a privilege to call her family. I have learned so much from her walk with the Lord and look forward to teaching my children about her love for God as they have a better understanding of what it means to be a Christian. What a role model and a legacy she leaves behind for all of us to honor. As I speak at her funeral, I cannot help but wonder, who will be speaking at mine one day. Will it be Julian or Natalie’s child’s wife or husband, if I am blessed to live that long. Will they have such fond memories of me and my walk with the Lord? At times like these I often have to look and see where I measure up and make necessary changes in my own life, so that my own children will be able to say “her children rise up and call her blessed,” Proverbs 31:28.

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