Grant and Maria do not have a ton of toys. We have lots of blocks, puzzles, coloring supplies, Nerf guns for Jeremy, and a few outdoor toys. This was an intentional move on our part as we didn’t want our house to be overrun by toys and we both believe that less is more. There’s something healthy about not having everything you’ve ever wanted and having to use your imagination while you play. We have found that they often find more enjoyment in non-toys than toys themselves. Jeremy’s mom brings over a bag full of plastic containers that provide tons of opportunity for enjoyment. They can stack and knock over, turn them into rattles, make bowling pins, etc. and have a great time doing so. They also have a great time with a bucket of water and paint brushes while playing outside and Grant is now strong enough to use the sprayer on the hose, so fair warning to anyone passing by our place when the water is on.

With our move hopefully just a week away, we’re trying to pack as much as we can, but 4 little hands seem more like 40 so I needed to find a way to occupy them and still be productive. Since the boxes seemed intriguing and they are into crayons and stickers I thought that decorating a box would be a pretty sure bet. I was right…I just didn’t know how right. The box provided plenty of entertainment and not just for decorating; it became a trampoline of sorts and while it’s lost its usefulness as a box for packing, it’s still a useful toy. If you are looking to be a toy in the Wilson house, fancy toys need not apply!

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