I often talk about Grant and Maria together, because they were a package deal. However, they are two very different individuals and I thought it would be good to give each their own profile. Because he was born first and is alphabetically first, Grant will get the first profile.

So here are some facts about Grant:

Stats: 29ish lbs. These are 29 solid pounds. He feels more like 40. I think he’s going to be stout as he gets older; this might explain his massive box like feet. He’s going to need a strong foundation. Currently he wears anything from 24 months to 3T. It’s frightening how not big a 3T is on him.

Personality: sweet and silly and all boy. He loves trucks and balls and is rather destructive, especially with books. He’s quick to offer hugs and when he doesn’t feel well, he just wants to cuddle. He’s more of a follower than a leader, and can be rather stubborn with following directions and gets easily distracted. He loves to figure out how things work and gets a priceless smile when he figures something out. He does have a fiery temper that can get him in trouble when he doesn’t get his way.

Regularity: loaded diaper every morning upon waking. Without question.

Favorite shirt: red t-shirt with trucks on it. I bury it in his drawer and he still digs it out.

Musical tastes: enjoys guitar and drums. He loves watching music videos on YouTube with Jeremy. In the evenings before bed, they will often watch a couple. He recently got his first exposure to Weezer and Alien Ant Farm; he seemed to enjoy. His favorites are Hillsong’s With Us, Needtobreathe’s Signature of the Divine and Keep Your Eyes Open and Travis Barker doing Soulja Boy…variety is the slice of life, right?

Favorite books: Opposites by Sandra Boynton; he loves to say the last word of the book – “Goodbye!”, Elmo and Friends at the Zoo, aka ELMO ZOO!, Green Eggs and Ham, and Animal Sounds. He has all the sounds down and when he and Maria do them together, it’s hilarious.

Favorite TV show: Sesame Street. It’s actually the only one we’ll let them watch. Sesame Street can allow chores to get completed in relative peace.

Favorite sport: soccer and basketball, but baseball and football are not far down the list.

Favorite food: he’ll eat pretty much anything we put in front of him, but is particularly fond of any kind of berry. Loves carrots; ate one out of the dog bowl the other day. I suppose there are worse things.

He loves to climb and hang from playground equipment and thinks that water guns are the best thing on the planet. He tolerates the heat well and tans just thinking about the sun. His hair is almost blonde this summer and if we let it grow he has lots of curls. My favorite times with him are at night rocking him before bed and I say that it’s time for me to put him down he’ll look at me smiles and whispers “no”. So, we rock for a few more minutes.

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