Stats: 24 lbs soaking wet (approximately 3rd percentile). Currently wears size 12-24 months, with a lot of 24 month items still being too big. Jeremy says she’s nothing but bone and sinew. Our pediatrician said she’ll likely only be 5’1” or 5’2”, which is about the size of her genetic mother.

Personality: much bigger than her frame. She’s feisty and funny, but will only show that side if she’s comfortable with you. She’s suspicious of new people and situations. She can be very helpful and sweet and likes to have things in order. She will make sure doors are closed as needed, that Grant has his water bottle and toys are cleaned up properly. She fidgets a lot and can have trouble relaxing. When she’s comfortable, she will show her funny side doing things like a silly monkey walk. Maria does things on her own time and terms. She does require alone and one-on-one time and likes to spend time with me coloring and working puzzles while Grant is watching videos with Jeremy.

Regularity: whenever she feels like it; no set schedule. After a massive poo one day Jeremy asked her if she just waited until she could wait no longer and she emphatically said “YES!”

Favorite shirt: cupcake shirt; I have to make excuses as to why she can’t wear it or hide it. She’s very opinionated about her clothing.

Musical tastes: anything that has a video with animals. She’s also into singing ABCs and Jesus Loves Me.

Favorite TV show: anything with Elmo.

Favorite books: Green Eggs and Ham and the Bible. We have a Children’s Bible story book that is written much like a love story from God that has great artwork that she loves.

Favorite sport: not really into anything in particular. Likes to ride her bike and push her baby doll on her bike. She’s not all that coordinated, so we’re not really sure how she’ll do with sports. She enjoys swimming so maybe that will be an option.

Favorite food: right now it’s watermelon aka “mo mo”; she’ll eat an entire small melon in one sitting if I let her. She’s also a big fan of broccoli, cheese, and popcorn aka “pop pop”. If we’re struggling to get her to eat something, we just start to move her food to Grant’s plate, and then she’ll eat it.

She loves her baby doll, “Baby” and her blanket. She has hoarding tendencies and will try to carry as much stuff with her as humanly possible. She must sleep with her hello kitty, dolly, Baby, pony, and two blankets. She’s still on her pacifier for sleeping and we might have to cut the end off of it to break her from it. Grant bit the end off of his and it was surprisingly a non-issue and he’s binky free. She is quirky and funny and can be very sweet in spite of her intensity. Some of my favorite times with her are when we play peek-a-boo. “Hide, Mommy!” she requests and then lets out a great laugh when I “unhide”. She has laugh that comes from her belly and seems like it leaps from her without control. Her face lights up, eyes twinkle and she sparkles.

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