Julian has been asking when school starts since the last week of school. We are now down to 20 days before our life goes back to schedules. They only attend two days a week, but love going. We will miss the teacher they had last year, but I am sure we will be just as pleased with the next one. This is the last year I have with them before Kindergarten and I want to cherish all our time together.

It is hard to believe they are 4 years old and that Julian is telling me he wishes I named him David, after David in the Bible. Julian wants a sling shot like David had, so we are going to make one. We finally found a stick I think will work. My aunt is going to help us with the other parts, I just hope he does not kill any animals! In order to get one he had to learn how to spell his last name. Now we just need to work on writing it.

We are now off to Splash Country to enjoy what we have left of the summer, between storms. I know I will miss these precious times and their loving attitudes. I hope I remember these sweet times, when they become teenagers and do not want to be with me!

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