In April we put our house on the market and within 8 days had a contract. That was the only speedy part of the process. Through of comedy of errors and issues with our buyer getting through underwriting, we ended up under contract for 105 days, finally closing on August 2 on the old house and on August 6 on the new house. We started moving boxes on the 7th and the movers came on the 8th. It’s been a whirlwind week, but we made it. It’s been a stressful process to say the least, but we’ve tried very hard to prepare Grant and Maria for the move.

For over a month we’ve been packing (thinking we were moving any day) and the 960 square feet that we lived in was getting smaller and smaller. We said on more than one occasion that we were feeling boxed in. We’ve been talking with the babies about the new house and Maria would regularly randomly say “new house”.

On Monday after we closed, we went to the new place and let them run around. On our way back home, Maria could not stop talking about HER new house. Yes, Maria, it’s your world and we just live here! On Tuesday as boxes were being moved out Grant would go up and touch the furniture and say “new house?” Yes, Grant, all the furniture and even you are coming to the new house. On Wednesday, I told them about the big green truck that was going to take all our furniture to the new house and they sat in the yard and watched with amazement as all our stuff was loaded up.

It was bitter sweet for me leaving the old place. It was the first place that Jeremy and I bought together. It was the place where we decided to pursue embryo adoption. It was the place where we carefully selected Grant and Maria’s profile. It was the place where my water broke and the place where Grant and Maria first came home. We have a lot of memories there, but as I cleaned up the last little bit and walked through one last time, it no longer felt like ours. It was time for a new couple to come in and hopefully make plenty of good memories. We told the new owner that she’s been good to us and we hoped she’d be good to them.

Our new house will be a place for Grant and Maria to grow up and will likely be the first place they remember. It’ll be a place for new memories and hopefully a place of comfort and joy for our family.

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