The last days of summer are upon us and we are trying to suck all the fun we can out of each day. Not only are schools starting back up (the twins will be starting their preschool in a few weeks), but the weather has gotten a lot cooler! Making me miss the warm, warm days already! The water is much colder and not as fun to get into. We already find ourselves staying inside more, due to lots of rain in our area.

We did get to spend some time at DollyWood over the last few weeks. Their Dog show was a huge success with our family, we went twice! We went with the Thomas family to see a few other shows as well as ride rides. Last Saturday night DollyWood had fireworks and we got to see those with my brother, his two children, my friend Karen and her husband Bill. What a great time we have had at DollyWood this summer!

Last week we had a dinner party and invited my friend Karen & Bill as well as Ying (who works for the NEDC) and her three daughters. The twins were so excited to make a cake for them, a castle cake! It was a hit, as well as the donuts with gummy worms in them that Bill brought for them. What a blessing to have such good friends. It is hard to believe that it was over four years ago they were praying for a baby for me.

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