It’s been a little over a year since we relinquished our ten remaining embryos and 3 years since we selected Grant and Maria’s profile. Throughout this last year, I’ve wondered what has become of those ten precious lives. The one reason I was hesitant to relinquish was because of their “special consideration” label and the concern that no one else would want them. At the time of our selection, Jeremy and I were the first to adopt a profile with the “special consideration” label. They were marked as such because they have a genetic sister who was born with a VSD, a relatively common congenital heart defect. Something told me to look into this issue and after some research determined that this issue was really a non-issue to us and that we needed to request this profile. The rest is history and we know that Grant and Maria are very healthy. Maria had a small VSD that closed on its own before she was 3 months old. Both babies have another small hole in the heart that is a result of their premature birth that is also a non-issue and should close on its own and even if it doesn’t there is no need for treatment.

I say all this because I want to encourage others to take a hard look at those special consideration profiles. The infertility journey is scary and the urge is to take the safest route and not to take any additional risk in selecting a profile with a special consideration label. However, these profiles are no less worthy at a shot at life out of the freezer than any of the “perfect” profiles. And also, there are no guarantees with any of those profiles that there isn’t some kind of defect or risk that is known to the genetic family. The same goes for any child conceived “the old fashioned way”.

I’m thankful that I didn’t give into fear and now have the opportunity to raise two amazingly beautiful and special children. I hope and pray that another couple will have the opportunity to know and love Grant and Maria’s genetic siblings.

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