Before I was pregnant I was an avid exerciser. You could find me at the gym most days of the week and I was very passionate about keeping my body in shape. Once I was pregnant, I did what I could, but 14 weeks of all day sickness, then fatigue and discomfort of carrying two babies made it easy for me to duck out of the gym. I tried to swim and walk, but the intensity of my workouts was a fraction of what it had been. I told myself that I would get back in the swing of things after the babies were born and did my best with going on walks after work, continuing yoga, and doing the occasional video at home. But it just wasn’t the same. As the babies got older it was harder and harder to exercise at home and my tolerance for the weather diminished when two babies were in tow. My desire to return to a gym grew and I told myself that when Maria finally weaned I would start going to the gym before work. I didn’t want to leave her high and dry when she still needed that time with me in the mornings.

Well, at the end of May she weaned. With my hormones shifting and no longer having any caloric demand for milk making, I have to put a lot more effort into maintaining my weight. I’m still a pants size smaller than before I was pregnant and I’m determined to stay that way. In June, I rejoined my favorite gym and have committed to working out in the mornings before work. I’ve established a new routine of a 5:15 alarm that is not a child and get to the gym around 6:00. I do my work out, shower, and leave around 7:20 to head to work. 2 months into this new routine and it’s going well. I thought I would be exhausted and trying to go to sleep by 8:00, but I’m not. My couch drooling still starts somewhere between 9:15 and 9:30 and Jeremy scoots me off to bed around 9:45.

Trying to exercise after I got home from work created a certain level of guilt and strain because that was time that I wanted and needed to be with Grant and Maria. But I also knew that I needed to take care of me in order to give them what they need. Exercising early allows not only gives me some good time to myself, but gives me the energy I need for my family.

Being a parent is all about finding balance and giving yourself grace when you can’t do it all. This weekend I have every intention of finishing my kitchen wall paper removal project, but if a nap opportunity presents itself, I will most likely take it.

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