Jeremy has said that Grant and Maria are much like Border Collies. It’s not uncommon to find them gathering all their toys and moving (herding) them to another location and they are eager to be put to work. Yesterday I took them to the local garden center to get some mums, daylilies and mulch for the front of our house. Maria immediately took to the aisles and happily found a cart to push and Grant found a small basket to carry. Upon locating the correct color mums, I asked Maria if she would help put them on the cart. She replied yes, and reached up and grunted as she moved three pots from table to cart. Grant proudly carried his basket until we found our second purchase and when I asked him to help he rapidly picked up the daylilies and put them in his basket. He realized his basket was now too heavy to pick up so he herded them to our cart. We soon secured our mulch and headed back home.

Mom was with us and Grant helped her pull the mulch up to the house, while Maria pushed the bag with all her might. Grant helped dig holes and water the newly planted flowers. He was sad (translation: threw a fit) when all the work for last night was done. I just hope he’s still as eager to help when he’s old enough to cut the grass.

Speaking of growing up, we’re now pacifier free. Grant’s paci went the way of the Dodo bird a few months ago. It was surprisingly a non-event. The tip started to come off, so we removed it and handed the modified paci back to him. He tried to suck on it, realized it was defective and turned the edges into a chew toy before eventually losing it behind the bed. He never looked back.

On Sunday, I discovered that Maria’s paci had a small crack in it. Knowing her devotion to her pacifier for nap and bedtime, I sat her on my lap and started to prepare her for the inevitable. There would be no replacement for binky. Binky was going to go away. She looked at me with her big expressive eyes and pitifully said “Nooo”. While I was rocking Grant, Jeremy had the same conversation with her and she whimpered while loudly sucking on her paci as she rested on his shoulder.

Yesterday was the day; Jeremy removed the tip off her beloved “bink bink” and they ceremoniously watched a previously recorded episode of Sesame Street where Elmo helps Baby Bear give up her paci. Jeremy smartly saved the episode about a month ago as we had discussions on how much longer we would let binky stay around. Maria said farewell to binky and when I got home from work she showed it to me and declared “binky broke.” She didn’t want any part of a defective binky and while she whimpered some going to bed, it went much better than Jeremy and I anticipated. We left our door open so we could easily hear her if she cried during the night, but we heard nothing. She woke up seeming no worse for wear this morning. She still has what Jeremy calls her “comfort staff” which includes two blankets, two baby dolls (Baby and Dolly), a Hello Kitty stuffed animal, pink pony, and a chameleon Beany Baby, so hopefully they will do their job and fill in where binky left off.

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