Julian has been asking when school starts since the last week of school. We are now down to 20 days before our life goes back to schedules. They only attend two days a week, but love going. We will miss the teacher they had last year, but I am sure we will be just as pleased with the next one. This is the last year I have with them before Kindergarten and I want to cherish all our time together.

It is hard to believe they are 4 years old and that Julian is telling me he wishes I named him David, after David in the Bible. Julian wants a sling shot like David had, so we are going to make one. We finally found a stick I think will work. My aunt is going to help us with the other parts, I just hope he does not kill any animals! In order to get one he had to learn how to spell his last name. Now we just need to work on writing it.

We are now off to Splash Country to enjoy what we have left of the summer, between storms. I know I will miss these precious times and their loving attitudes. I hope I remember these sweet times, when they become teenagers and do not want to be with me!


I recently came across a blog post that discussed how mother and child are linked at the cellular level and how it has been scientifically proven that a child’s DNA crosses the placenta and can be found in the mother well beyond pregnancy and can even help to heal the mother’s illnesses.
I’ve said before that I consider Grant and Maria biological children because my biology sustained them during pregnancy as well beyond through breast feeding. While our DNA is different, I felt that I was a part of them, but according to the information in this article, they are also a part of me.


This past weekend we went to the home of Brian’s former boss. He invited us as well as the Crichlow family. Roberto and Brian worked for Jerome Julian at SunTrust Bank and they both always thought the world of Jerome. We were all excited to enjoy a relaxing weekend at the lake, but most importantly have fellowship with Jerome and his lovely wife Stacy. Roberto and his wife Sandra, who we are friends with, have two girls whom our children have great fun with. Their home is just beautiful and welcoming so much so that Julian wanted to know when we were moving to the Lake when we got home. There is just not a bigger compliment when a child is ready to move in with you! Julian would wake up before Brian and I and instead of coming to get us he just headed down the stairs to be with Jerome and Stacy. The last morning I found Julian snuggled right up to Jerome watching Mickey Mouse Club House. The Julian family was a delight to be with and we all wish we could live on the lake!

The day my tubes were removed in December 2001, was also the same day Brian was on a conference call during my surgery in which his boss, Jerome Julian, announced that he would be the head of a different section of the bank. So Brian has always remembered the two as the worse news ever. Brian was blessed to have Jerome as a boss, when he first moved to Business Banking and I am sure he would love to work with him again if it is in God’s plan.

When the twins were born, Brian got to name one and I was going to name the other. We were told at one point we were having a boy & a girl, then we were told we were having two boys, then we were told we were having a boy & a girl. So we were not sure what to expect. Brian had decided on Natalie if we were having a girl. I had decided on Julian and Jeremiah for two boys, but I was not sure if we had a girl and a boy. So when the girl came out, Brian told them her name, but was not able to tell them the boy’s name, so he was known as Mr. Bailey for many days. Brian kept asking me what I wanted to name him, and all I could do was think about how I was going to survive this. I was very ill and in excruciating pain from not just a C-section, but my bladder was almost completely severed and my parts were all out of place and the doctor tried to move them to the correct spot. I was just thankful I was alive, I could not think beyond that. I also was not able to hold or see them for several days since I was so ill. The photographer from the Knoxville News Sentinel knew this and made many print offs of the pictures she took when the twins were born. When I saw the picture of my baby boy, I knew he looked like a distinguished gentleman, so I had to name him after my father, Julian David Morrow. I also wanted to name my son after his father as well, so I joined the two together. Julian David Keene Bailey, but Brian said that was too long and that I had to choose between David and Keene. Julian Keene Bailey it became. Brian said everyone at his work thought it was so nice we named him after his boss and my doctor, Dr. Keenan. We thought that was funny. But both men have had a great impact on our lives and Julian is blessed to be named after them as well.