September 17th marks the 3rd anniversary of our embryo transfer and the first time we saw Grant and Maria as tiny embryos, plumped up and ready for a new life out of the freezer. I remember much about the day including resting in bed with my legs up the wall as we hung out in our hotel and playing a game called Pig Out that we picked up at Target the night before. I prayed for those three little beings and hoped for a long life for each of them. God called one home while Grant and Maria nestled in for the next seven months.

I’m still amazed at their lives and thankful for the opportunity to be their mom. They make me laugh and sometimes cry and even though some days nap and bedtime can’t come quick enough, I wouldn’t trade the path that we’ve taken.

I pray for all the families who will be receiving donated embryos this week and the staff of the NEDC. May God prepare them for whatever the outcome and bless them for taking a leap of faith and honoring these tiny lives.

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