Last week I had to travel to Virginia for work, which necessitates and overnight stay due to the drive time. I’ve been gone several times this year, but never for just one night and never on a trip by myself. My previous trips have included a group of people and long work days, so I didn’t really have much free time.

Last week was different. Upon finishing interviews I had no other obligations, so I checked into my hotel. I got to my room, put my stuff down and sat on the bed. It was quiet. I sat longer. I enjoyed the quiet. It was only 5:00.

I went to the restaurant in the hotel with my book. I read. I ate. It was quiet. I enjoyed it.

I went back to my room. I read. I watched TV. I read some more. It was quiet. I enjoyed it.

I took over the king sized bed and woke up horizontal across the bed. I was rested. I enjoyed it.

I don’t want to be gone often, but a little respite from reality was nice.

One thought on “TRUE CONFESSIONS

  1. Absolutely! I use to travel over night, 2-3 times a year and could not wait to get to my hotel room. I love my children and my husband, but it is really nice to have an empty room and a king size bed all to myself every once in a while!!

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