Five Things You May Not Have Known About My EA Journey


Five things you may not have known about my EA journey:

1) Sienna was one of 9 embryos frozen. Six were adopted by another family. None survived the thaw. We adopted the remaining 3. One didn’t survive the thaw. Two were transferred. Only Sienna made it. She’s one of 9 genetic siblings to have survived the 10-year wait.

2) We almost chose anonymous adoption. However, it was my husband’s comment that because we already have a son who has an open adoption, it didn’t seem right to not also have an open adoption with any other child brought into our home.

3) We almost didn’t go through NEDC. We actually simultaneously pursued 2 other agencies. Living in Oregon, traveling to Tennessee (twice) seemed like a huge effort. However, after talking to 2 friends who had done EA with NEDC, I was convinced NEDC was the place for us.

4) I am Sienna’s biological mom. Her genetic makeup is not my own (thank you, donors!), but it was my heart, my womb, my body that was her home and kept her growing for those 9-10 months. And, I’m so grateful Sienna doesn’t have my genetic makeup. Because, then, she wouldn’t be Sienna.

5) On the day we were to find out our beta number, I had written down a list of positive truths I wanted to read if the results were negative. I still have that list. Here is what some of it reads:

— I did not fail. This was not my fault.

— The road and wait to get to Brae was long and hard, but in the end, we received the best of what God had in store for us.

— My faith will get me through this. God was not surprised by this. He’s sad because I’m sad, but He smiles at what lies ahead for me. GOOD gifts.

One thought on “Five Things You May Not Have Known About My EA Journey

  1. I really appreciate this bc i just found out my two embryos that i only put up for adoption bc we just had our 2nd child through ivf & was not planning to have anymore children.
    But unexpectantly after 10 years of infertility i was pregnant naturally with identical twin girls. Now having four children it was really impossible to have my other twoi just found out that one of those embryos became someones child and i have so many emotions that ur comment blessed mei just pray this child is given Gods instruction and love.

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