This past weekend we took a mini road trip to Boone County, near Cincinnati for family pictures. Our photographer lives in Northern Kentucky and while she makes trips to Louisville for sessions we weren’t able to coordinate schedules, so we took advantage of a beautiful fall day and made the hour and 45 minute journey north.

To date, we have not gone on any long trips with the kids, so this was their longest car ride ever. Scheduling pictures in conjunction with such was a bit of a risk, but Katie has photographed them since birth and if they went bad, it wouldn’t be the first time we had professional pictures of them screaming. (The screamers are actually some of my favorite pictures.)

While we were getting ready, we talked about having our pictures made and how we weren’t going to be scared of Katie. Maria was extremely shy at their 2 year photo shoot, and while she changed her tune after a wardrobe change, she still didn’t come all the way out of her shell. I wanted to prime her for good things with this session. She agreed that she wouldn’t be scared and that she would smile for the camera.

We packed a non-staining lunch for the car as well as appropriate blankets and stuffed friends, put in some of Grant’s favorite music and hit the road. We heard all about the “big twucks” that Grant watched along the way. They did very well and Jeremy only had to retrieve a lost water bottle a time or two.

For the actual photo session, Maria turned it on like she never has for pictures and Grant was his usual ham self. They were enamored with the rustic surroundings. Bridges, streams, rocks and leaves. What more could a 2 year old ask for!

We soon ended and headed back home. It was a gorgeous drive. The sun was setting against rolling hills full of trees changing color. Grant and Maria were happy riding and even made a game out of tossing their animals back and forth to each other. They were cracking each other up and only once did Grant ask to get out and walk. We let them run a few laps around the house when we got home and managed to get them in bed only an hour later than normal. Maria must have been wiped out from turning it on for pictures because the next morning she slept until 9:20 and only woke because Grant insisted she get up by throwing a plastic baseball in her crib and hitting her on the head.

All in all it was a successful road trip and Katie captured some awesome photos.

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