What’s new for Grant and Maria?

• This past weekend, Maria told me that I was yucky and needed to take a shower so she could watch Elmo. She has also informed me on multiple occasions that she does not approve of my wardrobe and needed to change. I fear that this is only the beginning on many years of being directed by my little “mighty mite” daughter. She cracks us up and Jeremy says it’s a good thing she’s cute.
• Grant is a complete bottomless pit and declared that he was a pig to Jeremy’s mom. He can eat an egg, toast, fruit and large bowl of oatmeal for breakfast and only 30 minutes later declare he’s “hummy.” I fear that we might not be able to afford to feed him when he’s a teenager and if the size of his hands and feet are any indication of his future size, we are in trouble.
• Maria and Grant take turns feeding our dog Charlie each day. Maria’s first order of business each morning is to declare whose turn it is to feed him and if it’s her turn, we hear it “My turn to fee Chawie.” She says it with much conviction and assertiveness.
• Grant is excellent at using toys and blankets as tools. Maria dropped her paci from the crib one day and I watched him take his blanket and use it to move the pacifier closer to the crib. He then reached through the slats and grabbed the escaped binkie and nicely handed it to his sister. I was impressed on several accounts.
• Maria has also started using complete sentences. She looked at me the other day and said “Can I have another cracker, please, Mama?” Jeremy and I looked at each other and said did you just hear that? Yes, it was a very well phrased and polite request. I wish they were all that way.
• We went to the pumpkin patch to pick pumpkins and Grant walked around attempting to pick up pumpkins and declared them all “too heavy”. He was happy when I brought home a couple of “baby punkins” that were not too heavy.

They are definitely entertaining, which is fuel to get us through the challenging days.

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