This is what she said


Saturday, November 17 was National Adoption Day.

I had forgotten.

Brae’s birthmom had not. This is the text message she sent me that morning:

“Happy National Adoption Day. I thank God daily that in one of the darkest seasons I’ve had yet in my life, He loved me enough to bless me by sending you guys. You two have been a light in my life since I first saw your picture on the Bethany website. I have been unselfishly loved and supported by you both and your families. I’ll never be able to explain the gratitude I have for the both of you. Thank you so much. I love you.”


Is it any wonder that National Adoption Day is less than a week away from Thanksgiving?

I think not.

Thank you, God, for adoption and blessing me with my two kiddos through the miracle of adoption.

Infertility: I just punched you in the face.

And in that spirit, here are some token photos from Tygh’s family’s pre-Thanksgiving at Black Butte Ranch this weekend.

P.S., there are now 4 grandkids in the Colton family. And not one is genetically related. How many families get to say that? Very cool. Proof that blood does not make a family.

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