Christmas Simplicity

A common question that I hear right now is “do you have your Christmas shopping done?” It’s a question to which I emphatically answer “No.” Actually, this question bugs me because it takes the focus off the reason for the season. We’ve always been very reasonable with gifts and not gone overboard, but this year, we’re implementing a three gift rule for Grant and Maria.

Baby Jesus was given three gifts, so it seems fitting that they should get the same from Santa/Mom and Dad. Last year they were very deliberate with opening each gift and savored the newness and because they don’t get new things all the time they really enjoy getting something new. I’m looking forward to their expressions when they get their new toys in a couple of weeks.

Christmas through their eyes has already been fun this year. They are really into looking at lights and their comments and expressions are great as we’ve walked the neighborhood. Grant wants to pet all the animal decorations and get in the larger pieces. He excitedly exclaims “OH WOWWW” when we see something new.

Simplicity is our goal and I hope that we can keep things into perspective when it comes to purchasing for Grant and Maria. I can honestly say that I see how easy it is to go overboard and I’ve been tempted on several occasions to buy more for them, but at the end of the day, it’s not in their best interests. Hopefully, our strategy to have a more simplistic Christmas will help them to have reasonable expectations later in life.

They both like to look at the calendar and point to different birthdays and when we get to December 25th we talk about Jesus and sing happy birthday to Him. Teaching them the reason for the season has been a great reminder and way to refocus my own priorities.


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