I recently did something that I didn’t think I would do. I lobbied Jeremy for another child. Not sure what brought this on…other than the fact that Grant and Maria are almost three, I’m turning 33 soon and the ole biological clock is perhaps ticking, but it was a surprise to me. It started with finding out that maybe Grant and Maria’s genetic siblings had not been adopted as mentioned in a previous post. I later confirmed with an email to the NEDC that their profile (shameless plug for profile #1200) is still available with 10 embryos – the same amount we relinquished.

Once finding out that they were still in waiting, I asked Jeremy if we could go back for their siblings. He said no. Actually, he said “well, that would end the mini-van debate” followed quickly by “you just miss your nursing boobs.” Well, while he’s right on both accounts, those wouldn’t be my reasoning for trying again. It’s more about knowing they are out there and knowing that we could give them a chance. However, I’m conflicted about the idea of the shots and cost and everything else associated with embryo transfer and pregnancy.

A couple days later we saw a story on 60 Minutes about children born into prison camps in North Korea. Jeremy was visibly mad at the circumstances surrounding the birth and lives of these children. I thought perhaps I had an opening to get him to think about international adoption – something we discussed doing before we even knew infertility and embryo adoption were in our future. After all, there are so many children born into terrible circumstances that could benefit from being brought into a loving home. Jeremy’s reply “I’m parented out. Sometimes it’s all I can do to manage the two we have, plus don’t you consider us bless with what we already have?” Yes, I consider us remarkably blessed and I feel that God honored our decision to select that “Special Consideration” profile, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t be blessed again.

For right now, the conversation has stopped. I won’t push him and trust that if we are meant for more children, the door will be opened and Jeremy will have no option to say no. He is a sucker for a hard luck story. That’s how we ended up with two cats.

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