Sienna: 18 month stats


Little Miss continues to enjoy the larger side of life (I say that with the utmost affection). I’m starting to think basketball, volleyball, modeling (!) may be in her future. I’ve long since known I would be the shortest of the bunch. However, now it seems that Brae may be joining me there (sorry, buddy).

There is an old wives’ tale that for boys, you double their height at age 2.5 to see how tall they will be as an adult. Brae is “supposed” to be 5’10”. Not super tall, but not short, either. Right smack at average.

For girls, you are supposed to double it at age 2, because they grow faster than boys. Little Miss just needs a little over an inch to grow in the next six months before she will be 3 feet tall, and thus, 6 feet tall as an adult. Seeing as how she grew more than an inch just in the last three months, I think it could be a safe bet she will be at least 3 feet tall by her second birthday. (She has always been at least 2 inches taller than Brae at his same milestone).

Here’s her stats:

1) Height: 34 5/8 inches. Off the charts. Again.

2) Weight: 27.2 lbs. Scaled down to the 80th percentile.

Doctor reported that her 18 month checkup showed no signs of autism. She is generally growing and functioning at a typical age/rate. She is feisty and fearless.

And I love her.

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