First came the letter, and then came the call


A couple weeks ago, we received the letter from the State of Oregon, Department of Human Services, stating that our paperwork was complete and we were now assigned a case worker.

Finally. Ok, so it hasn’t really been that long (maybe a few months), but after the State initially losing all of our paperwork, it’s a relief to just have it done with.

I was so excited, I immediately called the name and number listed on the letter. After a few voicemail exchanges, I finally connected with our case worker. She said there are 2 families ahead of us in the homestudy process, and another family that may/may not make it all the way through.

Our goal has long been that we be “on the wait list” by the time Sienna turns 2 in June. Our case worker said that seemed reasonable.

I know the journey to #3 will likely feel like the longest, and most winding road so far. Adopting through the state is not for the faint of heart. It’s a brutal, agonizing process. It’s long. It’s a bureaucracy. These children are waiting for a forever family, and yet there are so many hoops for a forever family to jump through.

But, we do trust God’s timing, and will wait patiently (or, at times, maybe not that patiently) for the next child to come.

Although I still long for (and pray for) a spontaneous miracle pregnancy (and probably always will), I am really excited about this process, and hopeful for the child(ren!) God has for us.

As Tygh and I were driving to his company’s Christmas party this last weekend, I mentioned, with some sadness, that we wouldn’t be able to name our next child. Our next child will already come with a name. I remarked that I hoped we at least liked the name.

Tygh quickly put me in my place with this, “We will love their name. Whatever it is. It will be the most beautiful name we’ve ever heard.”

And, he’s right.

And with that, some levity following a heavy-hearted week:


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