Twin differences

One comment that I find particularly interesting is how different are Grant and Maria’s personalities. There is an assumption that because they are twins they are exactly alike. This Christmas season highlighted many of their differences.

First, we went to Santa Safari at the zoo. It was an opportunity for the kids to meet Santa as well as some other characters and get to pet some animals as they gathered stamps at various safari stations. Grant was super excited about the large penguin and snowman characters walking around while Maria glued herself to me and wanted absolutely nothing to do with them. Grant was game to meet with Santa and Maria again glued to me. When it came to collecting stamps and petting animals Maria was much more determined. She was sure to hand over her “passport” to gather stamps while Grant was more ready to move on to the next thing and didn’t seemed concerned over collecting stamps. When we had an opportunity to watch a 20 minute 4D show of Polar Express, Maria and I had to leave the theatre once the sound and movement effects began. She crawled into my lap and buried her head into as she shuddered. My mom said that Grant said perfectly still in amazement the entire show.

On Christmas morning, I asked them to stay in their room until I told them to come out so I could try to capture their reactions on video. Grant happily came out asking over and over again “what is that?” Maria whimpered and wasn’t quite awake. She is not a morning person and requires a little time to come to and is happy to watch a cartoon while she comes to consciousness. However, she’s more apt to have trouble going to bed at night that Grant. In fact, while writing this I was interrupted by her talking and when I went in to see what was going on she loudly declared “HI MOMMY!” as Grant snoozed away. She’s still in there talking to her baby doll.

She is extremely intense and has some obsessive tendencies when it comes to her stuff. Grant is more laid back and is easier to get to go along with what we need. Both are extremely bright, but in different ways. She’s a studier and is good at figuring out how things work. He’s more imaginative with his toys and also quite a bit more destructive. She likes to read more than him and if watching TV will sit mesmerized the entire episode, while he needs to get up and play and wonder around to see what is going on.

When it comes to each other, they are both best friends and arch enemies. They play well together especially when they are with other kids. However, they know how to push each other’s buttons, especially Grant. He knows exactly how to tick her off and will grin and giggle as she freaks out over whatever he’s done. Recently, he woke up very early one morning and I gave drinks and covered them up. They were quiet as I left for the gym, but when I got home at 8:00, I could hear Grant talking loudly. When I went in their room she declared that he woke her up. When I asked him if it was true, he smiled and nodded.

I love that they so different, but it definitely keeps us on our toes as we have to work to meet and understand their individual needs. Just because they shared at uterus for 7 months doesn’t mean they are anything alike.




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