This last weekend I taught my last yoga class. After over four years at the same gym and eight total years instructing, I decided to hang up my mat. After adjusting my schedule to teach only every other weekend some time ago, I was still having a love/hate relationship with my yoga weekends. Inevitably there would be some fun kid event scheduled that we couldn’t attend because it was my weekend to teach. Also, I really hated leaving the house after being gone all week at my full time job. I anticipated that this would be my last year because they kids would be starting sports when they turn three in April and told the gym owners that my intentions would be to stop at some point this year. I just wasn’t sure when.

I was all geared up to turn in my notice and finish in December, but chickened out when I arrived and my “regulars” were excited to see me. Resignation fail! During my break from work in December, I went to pull my hair back in a ponytail when Grant looked at me with his big brown eyes and said “No Mommy yoyo.” “Oh, buddy, I’m not going to teach yoga today”, was my reply. I knew then that I really needed to do it.

Just like everything, yoga instruction was a season for me and the season has now ended. After a long week at work, Grant and Maria want to spend time with me and turning around and running back out the door on Saturday morning is hard for them (and me), even if it’s only for a couple of hours.

Everyone was very understanding and I believe that one day, in another season of life, I’ll instruct again. For now, my focus is on spending time with the two little people we worked very hard to even have in our lives and ensure that I don’t miss out on these short and special years.


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