The Twins: How they changed my perspective


My friend is pregnant with twin girls. Through IVF.

These are her first children.

A couple weeks ago, she asked me to go with her to do some baby registry shopping. I was honored and humbled. And, a little apprehensive.

As someone who longs for another child (miracle pregnancy or otherwise), I thought the idea of roaming around Babies R Us with a scanner gun and a noticeably pregnant woman may be too much to bear for my sensitive psyche.

But, I cleared my throat, and said I’d be happy to join her.

And, somewhere between the aromatherapy pillows and the zip-up nightgowns, I had a revelation.

I’ve been here before. I’ve done this stage. It was really fun and amazing while it lasted, but I’ve moved on.

As I was driving home after the excursion, I explored this revelation a little more.

Yes, I really want to be pregnant again. Yes, I really want another child – in whichever way God allows. And it may not be an infant. I may never again be pregnant. I may never again have an infant in my house to care for. And while that is really sad to me, I also rejoice and am thankful for the times that I had a baby in my belly, and an infant in my house.

And I’m really excited for things to come: kindergarten, soccer games, homework, boyfriends/girlfriends, Disneyland.

So while I can’t say that I’ve settled into the House of Complete Contentment, at least as of today, I’ve walked over the threshold.

And, it’s a beautiful house.

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