Adoption Update


Just a quick update about our adoption status. As you may know, we are proceeding to adopt a little one(s) through our state’s foster care system. It’s an incredibly long process that we started last September.

We have completed all the required classes, submitted all the required paperwork, gone to all the required medical appointments, and are now waiting in line to begin our homestudy.

The caseworker assigned to us only works part-time (budget cuts). But, she is also supposed to have a smaller caseload. When we got on the list, there were 3 families ahead of us. Now, there are 2.

At one point, we had hoped to be on the wait list by Sienna’s 2nd birthday in June. Now, I think we will be lucky to have started our homestudy by then.

It’s very hard waiting to wait.

I’m just praying that the little one(s) that God has for us are not suffering right now, that they are with a loving foster family, and that God is impressing a picture of us on their little hearts so that when we meet, they will know we are their forever family.

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