On Sunday mornings I make eggs and toast for everyone for breakfast. The eggs are over easy and each kid has a different method for tackling the runny yolk. Maria likes to put parts of the egg on her toast. One morning she asked for help and I told her she could do it. She looked at me and very seriously said “Try, Mommy.” Of course, I had to try, and when I was successful at putting the egg on her toast, she declared “Good job, Mommy.”

Maria was accompanying Jeremy to the bathroom the other day when she asked Jeremy if he got an M&M for peeing on the potty. He replied yes, he did. Once he finished, she said “Good job, Daddy.”

Grant has only recently started to refer to Maria by name, however it sounds like “Rita” or “Risa” or “Ria”. Last night, I pointed to Maria and asked what his sister’s name was to which he proudly replied “Gwant!” as he pointed to himself. We’re still working on the finer points of identity.

Jeremy while folding a mountain of laundry dryly stated: “You know, my 14 year old self dreamed of being able to touch a woman’s underwear. If only I knew then what I know now.”

Me: “What’s Bear’s name?”
Grant: “Daddy!”
Me: “Bear’s name is Daddy?”
Grant: “No, Bear’s name is Gwant. Bear is me!” as he gave Bear a big hug.

Maria likes the frayed edge of the corner of her blanket. Jeremy was wearing a ratty shirt one day when she came up and felt on the ratty edge and said “Daddy have corner, too!”

We are discussing getting a new dog around their birthday in April. During one conversation Grant looked up very seriously and said “I clean up dog poop.”

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