Brae and Sienna-isms


1. On Martin Luther King Jr. day, Brae didn’t have school. My mom was watching him and Sienna. It was also the morning of the presidential inauguration. My mom and Brae were watching it on t.v. The following dialogue ensued:

Grandma: “Brae, do you know who that is on t.v.?”
Brae: “No. Who?”
Grandma: “That’s the President of the United States. He’s kind of an important guy.”
(Long pause)
Brae: “Does that mean you have to ask his permission before you can go to the bathroom?”


2. In yet another presidential moment, last Monday was President’s Day. Again, Brae and Sienna didn’t have school. My sister was watching them. On their way to the park, this conversation ensued:

Tia (Spanish for Aunt): “Brae, do you know why you don’t have school today?”
Brae: “No. Why?”
Tia: “Because it’s President’s Day. Do you know who our President is?”
Brae: “No. Who?”
Tia: “His name is Barrack Obama. He is our President. Now, you remember that, and I’m going to ask you later in the day about this to see if you remember what we talked about.”

(Several hours later)

Tia: “Brae, do you remember what day today is?”
(Long pause)
Brae: “It’s Obama Day!”

(As an aside, it may not be hard to guess that my mom and sister are both Obama-supporters. I make no comment or opinion about their judgment).


3. Sienna is starting to speak more, and even string words together. Her latest word is “sorry.” Except, it sounds like “saw-ee.” Brae thinks it is hilarious when she says it, so he likes to push her buttons to make her slap, hit, kick, spit, or bite him. Then, he pretends to cry. Then, like clockwork, she pats him on the head, says “saw-ee” and walks away.

The funniest thing about this is that she shows absolutely no empathy when she’s apologizing to him. Girl cracks me up.


4. And the ultimate example of the difference between boys and girls:

We have a life-sized teddy bear that I often use to play with the kids. The other day, Brae was trying to play kung-fu with the teddy bear at the same time as Sienna was putting a blanket on him and kissing him good-night.

Love these little guys.


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