I talk about the challenges of raising twins, but there are also those sweet and silly moments that remind me of just why I do what I do….
I had a rare dinner out with friends after work one evening and got home around 7:00. Jeremy and the kids were finishing dinner when I arrived. Upon walking in the kitchen, Maria declared with a ketchup stained face “I missed you, mommy!”

Maria is often the one who takes longer to go to sleep. One evening at about 8:40, I heard her pleading voice. Upon entry to the nursery, Grant was passed out snoring and she was swaying back and forth requesting to rock. I picked her up and took her to the rocking chair. She smiled and commented on my glasses as she reached up and started running her fingers through my hair. She continued quietly for a few minutes. I told her I loved her and she replied “I love you, Mommy.”

Grant and Maria heard me getting ready to leave one morning a little after 5:00. I went in and turned on their music, offered hugs and kisses then left the room. They continued a conversation that went something like this:
Maria: “G stop making noise; I’m trying to sleep.”
Grant: “No.” (singing continues)
Maria: “G, stop trying to wake up Daddy.”
Grant: “I’m not trying to wake up Daddy.”

I took the kids to the zoo on Sunday. On the way home there was an in depth discussion between Grant and Maria over the brown bear. When we pulled into the driveway Grant looked at me very seriously and stated “I need to talk to Daddy.” “Really?” I said. “Yes, I need to talk to Daddy about the zoo.” He confidently walked into the house and started telling Jeremy all about his zoo adventure including the brown bear.

Jeremy and I came home from a much needed dinner date and the kids were both settling into bed. We went in to say goodnight and give hugs and kisses when Grant declared with a huge smile on his face “I’m so happy to see you!!”

I’m thankful for these moments that make me smile and refuel me for the next challenge.

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