People often ask if Grant and Maria get along and Jeremy’s common reply is that they are both best friends and arch enemies. Thankfully, we see the best friend side more than anything. They are like a security blanket for one another, which is something we saw from very early on. When they were as little as six months, the childcare workers at church commented that they always kept an eye on each other making sure both were still there. Here are some other recent “best friend” moments.

Often when we pick them up from the church nursery they are playing together while the other children are orbiting around them independently. One week, all the kids were hanging out near the door sensing their release while Grant and Maria were wrestling one another on the floor.

Taking advantage of an unseasonably warm winter day, the kids and I were playing golf in the front yard. Maria’s technique needed a bit of help as noted by Grant’s declaration “No Rita let me show you how to do it.” (Rita is his version of Maria)

In music class they get to ride the train, which is a large Rubbermaid container of instruments. They will only ride if sitting next to each other and it’s not uncommon for Maria to direct where each one of them sits.

Another time in music all the kids where standing close to the teacher. Grant was standing a little bit in front of Maria and she gently had her hand placed on his shoulder while they listened intently.

Maria had a round of diaper rash that caused a great deal of discomfort while getting her cleaned up from an explosion. She was crying when Grant came in leaned right in her face and said “It’s okay Rita.”

They clearly love and care for one another. They definitely have their moments, but for the most part they look out for each other and use each other as a source of learning and comfort.

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