Now that Grant and Maria are talking all the time (and I mean ALL the time) we have some entertaining conversations.

On the way to church:
Grant: I want to drive garbage truck.
Maria: G drive purple garbage truck.
Grant: I don’t want to drive purple garbage truck! I want orange truck.
Maria: No, G drive purple truck.
And he proceeded to whine about this for the next ten minutes as if Maria’s declaration of truck color left him no other options.

Upon getting out of bed:
Grant: Rita told me not to stand on my head.
Maria: G no stand on his head no more. He can’t walk.
This was a recap of a conversation I had with Grant and few nights ago over standing on his head and injuring himself to the point where he couldn’t walk and wouldn’t be able to play t-ball or soccer.

Speaking of t-ball anytime someone sees the kids right now they often comment on how big they are. Grant always replies “I play t-ball!” He’s very excited about being signed up to play in the spring.

Getting out of the bath after opening the drain:
Grant: Mommy, save me! Turtles are going to get me!
Me: Turtles?
Jeremy: I told him about the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles who live in the drains.
Grant: Turtles are going to get me.
Me: They are good turtles.
Grant: No, Mommy. Save me from the turtles.
Me: Jeremy, I hope he doesn’t need therapy for this.


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