They told


Last week, I got perhaps one of the best text messages ever.

It was from our donors. They finally told their twins, Sienna’s full-blooded siblings, about Sienna.

Sienna’s full-blooded siblings are from the same group of embryos that she is. They are now 12 years old.

The twins have known who Sienna is since she was born. They have sent her gifts on Christmas and on her birthday. But, it wasn’t until last week that they finally knew who she is.

Some have asked why it took our donors so long to tell their kids about Sienna. Sienna is now nearly 2 years old. We have an open adoption.

I have never questioned, or passed any judgment, on our donors’ decision to wait. I’ve always trusted that they would know when the right time was to tell this very important, and somewhat complicated, story about Sienna’s origin and what it means to them.

So, now they know. And, apparently they are over the moon. Our donor said that they would hop on a plane now if she let them.

That gave me (and still gives me) the biggest smile. This is why we did open adoption. For moments like this. Obviously, Sienna is too young to know about any of this. But it’s always nice to know (and one day meet) more family and more people who love you.

So, I told our donors that Oregon is beautiful in the summertime.




One thought on “They told

  1. Loved your post. We have an open relationship with our embryo donors. They have 2 kids, aged 13 and 10. Our boy is 5. They were all from they same batch of embryos. We get together with them once a year. It is the greatest thing in the world!

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