I’m afraid we got a glimpse into our future. Yes, the time when parents become dumb and the kids become the smart ones. Both Grant and Maria have recently figured out how to give us the “Duh! How could you be so stupid, Mom and Dad” look.

Grant: While conversing before bed the other night, he mentioned my parent’s pool. I said that it had its winter coat on and that Granddad would have to take it off. Grant said that the pool needed more parts and Granddad would fix it. I proceeded to ask if Murphy (my parent’s Shi Tzu) would help Granddad with the pool. Grant stopped talking; looked at me and scrunched up his nose as he shook his head and said “Murphy is a dog.” Duh!

Maria: After getting dressed on morning, Maria showed Jeremy the kitty cat on her shirt. He said he thought it was a rabbit, but placated her and said yes, I see the kitty cat. Later on when he was changing her he realized that it was indeed a cat. “Oh, it is a kitty cat.” Maria looked at him and didn’t verbalize anything. Her facial expression clearly said “Duh, Dad! I told you that this morning.”

My crystal ball tells me that in the future I will not enjoy these little exchanges as I do now. The day will come when my children declare me dumb and will wonder how I ever survived thus far.


2 thoughts on “DUH!

  1. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! they are smart! Remember if you put Murphy in the pool he sinks like a rock; he likes to be held in the pool or even on a hard raft, but won’t swim; that will be another adventure for you to undertake this summer!!!! Dolly never go in the pool with or without Joyce !!!

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  2. Our school psychologist says that 4 is the window into the teenage years. Sometimes that really scares me as we are still 6 months shy of 4. Just praying it gets better rather than worse or Patrick and I are in for it!

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