Brae and Sienna-isms


1. A few weeks ago, I took Brae and Sienna for an impromptu getaway to the beach with my sisters-in-law and mother-in-law. Brae was so excited to go to the beach and play with his little cousins. As we were packing up the night before, I asked him what he was most excited about. He looked at me, wide-eyed, and in a very solemn voice said:

“Mommy, I need to go and find Nemo and bring him back home.”

And then he walked away.


2. This last weekend, I was driving to the grocery store with the kids. Sienna is just starting to talk more and more, but sometimes only I know what she is saying. As we were pulling up to the store, she points out the window and yells, “Mama! Da da brrrr!”

I smiled and said, “Why, yes, honey, it is a bird! Good girl! Brae, did you hear that? Sienna said ‘It’s a bird!'”

Brae piped up and said, “No, Mommy, she’ didn’t. She said ‘Da da brrrr.'”


3. The kids had a day off from school one day, and Tygh and I had to work. So my dad and stepmom drove up to watch the kids for the day. My parents divorced when I was relatively young, and my dad re-married when I was about 8. My stepmom, Cindy, did not have biological children. It was just me and my younger sister. Neither of them have much practice in little kids, let alone diapers.

As I was giving Cindy a tutorial on how to change Sienna’s diaper – and Sienna was being quite a good prop – I told Cindy that, unfortunately, Sienna likes to poop about mid-morning. I would be at work, so Cindy would have to change her poopy diaper.

Cindy looked at me, puzzled, and whispered, “So …. what do I do with her after she poops? Do I just stick her in the bathtub or something?”


4. This next story is perhaps one of my proudest moment as Brae’s Mommy. Especially after our whole episode earlier this year with the owners of his play gym calling me about complaints received from other parents about Brae’s behavior.

I took Brae grocery shopping, and we passed by an elderly man (probably in his 90s) in a wheelchair, kind of hunched over, not looking or talking to anyone. Brae left my side and marched right up to the old man and said (in a rather loud voice): “I like you. You’re my friend. You can borrow my legs.” And Brae walked away.

There were tears in my eyes, and in those of bystanders watching.


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