They think a lot. I mean all the time. Non-stop. The wheels are always turning.
Grant followed me into the bathroom because as a parent getting to pee alone is off limits. We had the following conversation:
Grant: Why you go potty again?
Me: Because my bladder was full.
Grant: Why?
Me: Because I drank a lot of water.
Grant: Why you do that?
Me: Because I was thirsty.
Grant: Why?
Me: I don’t know.
Grant: Why you go on the potty?
Me: Because it wouldn’t be good to have pee and poop all over the house.
Grant: That not fair.
Really? No fair? I can’t give an explanation on that line of thinking. We seemed to be following a linear thought path, but it somehow derailed into “that’s not fair.”
They can throw some curve balls and also let me know they are really paying attention and absorbing everything. Discussing Easter the other day I explained that Jesus died and came back and we celebrate. Maria looked at me with expectant eyes and said “Chawie with Jesus.” She was recalling the death of our dog and how we explained that Charlie had gone to heaven to be with Jesus. It took me a minute to respond. I gathered myself because I didn’t want her to expect to see Charlie on Sunday. I said that yes, Charlie went to be with Jesus in Heaven, but that after Jesus died he came back for a little bit before he went to Heaven. It was the best I could do without getting into a deeper theological discussion with an almost three year old.
They will also try to use your logic against you, especially at bedtime.
Me: It’s time to be quiet and go to sleep.
Maria: But it’s not dark yet.
Me (silently cursing the time change): No, it is not dark, but it’s getting dark and it is bedtime now.
Maria: No comment, but provided a disapproving scowl.

And sometimes we end up in places I’m just not ready to go yet. This was tail end of a conversation between Jeremy and Grant.
Jeremy: Because I can’t be in two places at once.
Grant: Why?
Jeremy: Because I’m a temporal corporeal being.
Grant: Why?
Jeremy: Because my mom decided to have sex about 33 years ago.
OY! I suggested that maybe next time he just say because God said so.

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