A breakthrough


Our adoption process through the state is moving slower than molassas. Uphill. In the w.i.n.t.e.r.t.i.m.e.

Each time I’ve tried to get a hold of our caseworker, it’s taken her weeks to respond. When I call her voicemail, the greeting says, “Hello, this is Alice. Today is Monday, February 4. I will be out of the office all week …” The greeting has said February 4 for two and a half months.

When I send her an email, it takes three follow-up emails on my part to get one, two-line response from her.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not necessarily blaming her. There are only three caseworkers in our county for all of the adoptions. Two of those caseworkers only work part-time. It’s part of the economic/budget shortfall.

But it is beyond frustrating.

My last missive to her was no different. I just wanted a status update. No response.

One week later, no response.

Two weeks later, no response.

Finally, this week, the third week, I received a response. She was transferring our file.

Turns out, given her overloaded caseload, another caseworker (the one full-time caseworker) agreed to take one file from her. That file is ours.

We were overjoyed. Already, since that transfer, we have had more communication with our new caseworker than after four months with our old caseworker.

And, just this morning, we received the best news yet: our homestudy is starting in two weeks. (!!!!)

The process will take an average of three months, according to our caseworker. That means that by at least the end of July/beginning of August, we should finally be on the wait list.

A breakthrough.

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