G and M Turn Three!

We celebrated Grant and Maria’s third birthday on April 17th. Three years! Bitter sweet as it seems that three officially means they aren’t babies. I think technically they are preschoolers. How can three years have already gone by? A co-worker mentioned that maybe it didn’t seem so fast to me. I quickly said, yes, it is fast…the days are long, but the years are fast.

Jeremy asked if it seemed possible that in only two years –less time than they have been breathing- they would be in school. No, it doesn’t seem possible. Jeremy said he can only imagine how much of a basket case he will be to send them into the world.

We celebrated by getting cupcakes at a local cupcake shop. I did a surprise balloon delivery to our house while they were gone earlier in the day. They called me at work to tell me about their balloons when they got home. We kept presents simple – scooters bought dirt cheap from a triplet mom, a real Tonka dump truck for Grant and a baby doll stroller for Maria. She opened her package with great anticipation and exclaimed “That’s a baby doll stroller!” Some gardening gloves a couple of new books topped off their birthday gifts from Mom and Dad. They have thoroughly enjoyed and that makes me smile.

We will celebrate with extended family over the weekend and I’m sure they will be adequately spoiled.

If you ask Maria, she’ll tell you she’s five years old now. And tonight at bedtime Grant told me that he was going to stay little so I can always hold him. I know that in no time, they really will be five and one day, I won’t be able to hold them anymore.




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