What they say….


Some things I’ve heard about a second child:

They can be late bloomers.

They don’t talk as early.

They tend to rely on their older sibling to accomplish tasks they could otherwise do for themselves.

I have to say that each of these comments have tended to be true about Little Miss. Looking back to when Brae was this age, he seemed more articulate and verbal than she is now. That said, I think Little Miss is talking more Spanish than Brae did at this age, and is intermixing the two languages a little more.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not at all concerned about Little Miss’s development. In fact, I think she’s outsmarting everyone. Why would you do things for yourself if your older brother will do them for you? What need is there to talk when all you have to do is give your older brother “the look,” and he will get exactly whatever you need?

No doubt about it. Behind her quiet lips is an active brain at work. And, she’s winning.

PS – I have every intention of taking away this bottle that is in her hand on her 2nd birthday. Don’t judge. : )



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