I like pictures. I like photo albums, pictures on the wall, pictures decorating my cubicle. I just like pictures. When the babies were born, naturally the subject of my pictures changed from the animals and my landscaping to Grant and Maria. I venture to guess that I have no less than 800 pictures from their first year printed and placed in albums.

I was taking a mental break at work one day and finally finished ordering all my pictures from 2012 so I can have them in an album. One of my co-workers stopped by my desk, looked at me and said, “Why are you spending so much on pictures?!” I replied, “What do you mean? Its $40 after my coupon and it’s for a whole year!” She laughed and said “can’t you just have them all digital?” NO! I want my kids to have pictures…tangible, hold-in-my-hands pictures. She laughed at me as I proceeded to soap box about how kids these days won’t have pictures because they are all stored in a phone that will be obsolete and on facebook, which will likely also be obsolete in the future. Going through old albums recently reminded me of so many fun times and I was able to share those memories with several old friends. It reminded me of things I had forgotten. It also reminded me that I never want to be fat again!

So, why do I spend “so much” on pictures? Because you can’t put a price on the memories held in pictures.

024 (2)





Animal Cousins

Bath Hugs



Chocolate PDS




Get used to it, Buddy

GM Hose

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