One thing that is sweet about the stage that Grant and Maria are in is that kisses can fix just about anything. Bumped knee, “kiss it, Mommy.” Scraped hand, “kiss it, Daddy.” Kisses hold magical powers, which is a good thing. When Grant and Maria fall we are not quick to panic. If there are no injuries and I’m calm, simply kissing the impacted area and saying “shake it off” will do the trick. Tears quickly turn to smiles and the injury is forgotten almost immediately. I like having that super power, but I know that one day kisses won’t always be able to heal their wounds.

This past weekend, we were watching the Louisville Cardinals men’s basketball team play Duke in the Elite Eight. Not much can unite Cardinal and Kentucky Wildcat’s fans. However, when Duke is the opponent, wildcat fans don’t mind as much to cheer on the Cards. It was a highly anticipated game and there was a great deal of excitement in the air. Unfortunately, the game wasn’t without drama.

Grant and I were playing with Lincoln Logs when player Kevin Ware landed wrong and suffered a severe break to his leg. I missed the actual play, but saw the players’ reactions so I rewound the game to see what happened. What I and so many other witnessed was a leg that bent the wrong way. I looked at Grant and said we needed to say a prayer and ask Jesus to help him get better. Grant replied “help him Jesus.” Little tears welled up as I thought about this young player and I imagined what it was like for his parents to watch helplessly. Grant then looked at me and said “He needs his mommy. His mommy make him feel better.” Talk about a tug at your heart! It took a lot more than kisses from his mommy to fix Kevin Ware’s leg, but I bet that when she arrived it did help him feel better. I pray that even when my kisses don’t heal that both Grant and Maria will still find comfort in me.

Resurrection Sunday (Easter) pictures


We live in Oregon. It is a beautiful, lush, green part of the country. It is that way mostly because we get rain 6-9 months out of the year.

But, this weekend was phenomenal. I saw one temperature reading at 81 degrees on Sunday, which is virtually unheard of for March in the Great Northwest.

Below are some pictures of the weekend. Because, really, words can’t do justice. Especially to the series of photos we took trying to get the 4 grandkids in one picture together.