This was the conversation the kids had with me Saturday morning:
Grant: I paint butterfly with my foot!
Maria: You have to wait until Mother’s Day.
Grant: It’s a surprise!
They crack me up…they had been leaking the surprise since I got home from work on Thursday. Jeremy’s mom stays with them for part of the day on Thursdays and likes to do crafty projects with them. I received butterfly footprints from both of them on Mother’s day. They are perfect!

We took them to the pediatrician for their three year well check and they came in at the following:
Grant is 33 lbs and 37 inches tall. 50th percentile…he’s come a long way from not even being on the chart when we started with this doctor when they were four months old.
Maria is 28.5 lbs and 35 ¾ inches tall. 10th percentile on height about 20th percentile on weight. She might be small, but her spirit is huge.

We are working on getting them interested in the potty. Grant will go on the potty, but only when he feels like it. I tried putting him in a pull up and reminding him often, but he didn’t take to that. Maria, who often declares that she’s a big girl and can do something, conveniently says that not big yet when discussing using the potty. I’m wondering if it would work if we just put them in underwear for a day or two and let them experience what it really feels like to be wet and dirty.



  1. I think that you should go ahead and put them in underwear. I think that pull ups are extended diapers and they don’t feel like they are wet. If they get wet they will get the idea. They will train rather quick if there are no diapers or pull ups around. I actually started using more cloth diapers when my son was 18 months to get used to them and then went into training underwear. Of course every child is different but I bet they will train quickly

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